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Blisters with pills: in what way are they being fabricated and what requirements must be met?

  • Posted on: 15 November 2018
  • By: addmean
People take various medicines very often. Those can be the drugs advised by the doctor because of some particular sickness, but not necessarily - frequently these are simply some minor supplements.

Some patients, being curious about the world wonder how are those tablets packed and why in this way.

tablet packaging
Author: M 93

The medicine is usually bought in a cardboard packaging. Inside, several blisters and the leaflet can be found. Why blisters? First of all, they shield the drug from outside environment: humidity and pollution. The material is not picked at will. It is polymer or aluminium. Chemical compounds, like PVC and its mixtures with another chemicals are used. They can be quickly shaped with the help of specialized machines under high temperature conditions. When the expected shape of the blister is ready, the pills are put into it. Last, they are covered with the lid. That part is typically fabricated from aluminium or plastic foil. During tablet packaging production, a wide range of factors must be taken under consideration. The substrate material which is used should not enter any reaction with the drug. It ought to be tough enough to protect the tablets from crushing. At the same time the final packaging must be user-friendly. Older patients have to be able to unpack it without bigger trouble, but not the kids. It is quite difficult to invent this kind of blister.

Author: reynermedia

Materials in medicine and toxicology need to meet specific, strict requirements.

Thanks to that the diseased people can be sure that the medicament they acquire is appropriately packed, protected, and no intrusion into it was made. The user safety is the crucial goal.