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Developing software - is it worth leaving it within in-house team?

  • Posted on: 4 June 2021
  • By: addmean
If you own a Enterprise which use software, you possibly were already wondering before about employing an external company in this field. As everything else, this has some pros and cons.

To start with, 2 main things should be considered: First - is it worth to use softare activity within your own in-house team instead of establishing cooperation with software house? Especially when there is Initive. Second - when is the good period to employ software development company? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer for these questions.

software development company

software house
Author: Ray Bilcliff

Surely, you should develop your own opinion regarding using external software development company. There is no the universal advice good for every business.

The best suggestion is as following: leave in-house your basic activities which generate main income for your firm. Other activities, you ‘d better delegate to an external software house. Thus, if software is not 1 of the main activities of your enterprise, you should probably use the external company. Thanks to such approach, you could concentrate as much as possible on main activities, without being bothered with secondary tasks. As software development is greatly time-consuming, it requires many specialists who work solely on this field. As employing such specialists is hard, it would probably be much more productive to have a software development company that will be working on this field for enterprise. Unfortunately, such service are not cheap- but still you can try thode with the greatest expertise.

Therefore, proper calculations of costs have to be conducted.

To sum up, usually hiring the software development company pays off. However not always. And that is why the binding decision still belongs to you.