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Different models of physical activities in the large towns – ideas and hints

  • Posted on: 3 March 2020
  • By: addmean
Today our towns are more and more dirty, nevertheless surprisingly there are human bings who want to reverse this tendency. Many of them don’t use cars for the city mobility.

There are many kinds of bicycles; for travelling in the city the most popular is a simple city bicycle which takes us from place to place, but there are more definited bikes.

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Everything depends on what purpose we want to use a bike is it for movement, physical activity or sport (or for example extreme sport). Custom single speed bikes are more adequate for long distances and for the town we have city bicycles (mens city bike and town bike for femals – they are not the same in construction which is related with the human figure). Mens city bike is much more dynamic (men are statistically stronger than women and the female type is more handy (it helps to ride with your dorsum place straighter than in mens city bike). In custom single speed bikes these matters are smaller, however obsevable. When we have to buy a solid bike we should ask for help someone who ride a lot or a bike specialist - url.

trik na rowerze górskim
Author: UK Ministry of Defence
Today a solid bike is a very expensive device, therefore it is a good idea to consult this issue with more experienced person. If we don’t have a suitable place to keep our bicycle we can lend one. In many towns there are bikes for rent, you may use it as long as you want and then pay for the use (naturally you have to register first in the city base). If you don’t admire bicycles you may walk or start to do nordic walking, it is a way of walking with two sticks, that kind of physical activity is not very expensive and you don’t have to be very fit to start doing it. It is a fantastic sport for all human beings with problems with their backbone, but it is a good thing to know that in this kind of sport we should put sticks in the right position to havr got a right posture while this activity. It is a great thing to take one or two lessons before we started to do this sport.

Every way of physical activity is fantastic thing for our health. It is a great thing to do a little of outdoor sport, meet other people with whom we may share our passions and just be pleased.

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